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Join me in the Frugal life! 

Just a mom, trying to save money!


Welcome to my site! 

I would like to take the time to introduce myself. I am a mother of 2 and a wife to a currently active duty service member in the Marine Corps. But I am also a thinker, an over thinker.. I am socially awkward, a Minecraft playing geek and an anime watching nerd. I am an open book, and Ill always tell it to you straight. 


Listen, this is such a high for me. Every free item I snag, every really great deal I get- whoa buddy! I get so giddy! 

And you know what else.. I get giddy for my friends, my family, and my group members too! 

I love saving money, but I think I love helping others save even more! 

It is such a great feeling to get when you have helped someone get something they really wanted, or they really needed at a great price.. You are the reason I do this. I could stop and just keep all the deals to myself..

BUT I want to help you save too! 

Save money, shop with me <3

 & Kiss Full Price Goodbye! 

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