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Having a baby?

Plan on Breast feeding?

Aeroflow makes getting a Breast pump SUPER EASY!!

You get a FREE Aeroflow Breast Pump through your insurance! You even get FREE shipping! JUST 3 SIMPLE STEPS-

1. Provide your insurance information

2. They verify your coverage and submit all required paperwork on your behalf

3. Choose from the curated breast pumps, maternity compression and postpartum recovery items covered by your insurance!

You get to pick a Top of the Line Breast Pump!
Get started now. 


Order your FREE Trial Set of Razors and Shave Gel from HARRY'S.

* (Only pay 3.00 for shipping)

This is a subscription/membership you want your guy to have!

You are fully able to modify your plan at any time!

They offer high-quality shaving blades and handles- as well as NATURAL shaving gels!

--- Listen.. as a woman... I ONLY use men's razors.. so this is for ME too!

What do you get?

You'll receive a weighted rubberized handle, a five-blade razor cartridge, 2 oz of foaming shave gel, and a travel blade cover.

This company also GIVES BACK!

1% of their sales go to nonprofits that provide mental health care services to men in need! The mental health of men is grossly unconsidered by many! So this is GREAT that they see that, they contribute and are focused on the importance of mental health!

CLICK ON "Redeem trial" to get started!

Check out the site while you grab your FREE TRIAL set!

Join one of my favorite groups for freebies- HERE

  • Sam's is so much more than a grocery store! 

  • Join now, and get a $45 gift card!

  • So you join for $45 and get a $45 gift card via email in 2-4 weeks to the email address used at sign up.


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