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Welcome! So happy to have you here!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Thank you for allowing me to help you save that money!

My goal is to create a fun, interactive and informational community where you can easily save money on all your online purchases!

What are promo codes?

In my humble opinion- They are nothing less than a retailer's gift to the shopaholics!

Defined as "a mixture of letters and numbers that make up a specific code. This code can be entered into an e-commerce website to gain a discount on a product or service."

When shopping with me and my team, you will be receiving discounts on items you need, things you want, and the stuff you didn't know you needed.

When I discovered promo codes I was weary. I wasn't sure of how or why they worked. I am a super paranoid person so my first thought was- "Okay, what's the catch here?!" I mean there has to be some type of catch.. will the item I just bought break within days, will I owe more money later, can I only use one promo code ever?

NOPE- NO CATCH! I have received quality items, no future payments needed, and I can use promo codes- and do use promo codes on just about everything I purchase!

Basically, I fell in LOVE! The best part- there were people (like me now) that would and could supply me with as many promo codes as I could ever ask for! There are codes for clothing, cleaners, dog toys, stuff for my kitchen, exercise equipment-- I am tellin' you- if there is something you want, there is probably a code somewhere!

So thank you, retail gods! Thank you for your promo codes- your coupons- your sales and your bargains!

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